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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 12, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm EST

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coming here. there are sleeper cells are again here. where was america? no senior official was there. they all linked arms. instead, america will post a conference to talk about terror next month. i have another headline for you. gas prices have collapsed. flat out collapsed. wall street is not happy about it. drivers love it. varney and company is about to begin. ♪ stuart: check that the board. it has come back. we were down 140.
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now we are down 40. oil is falling. moments ago, oil touched $45 a barrel. that is a six year low. perhaps the more important story for more people is that average price of gas. 213 as of right now. it dropped a nickel over the weekend. $2.13 is the national average. the $1 club expanding to eight team states. about one third of a country out of $2. time time to get back to that ongoing terror story. the laid-back response may be a fact are in the market selloff. condemning the latest attacks from islamic state.
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where was the united states in that lineup? where was president obama? where was vice president biden? secretary of state john kerry also absent. kt mcfarland is with us now. why was no senior american official at that linking of arms in paris? >> they refuse to call it what it is. even now they are refusing to stand up and say radical jihad. radical islam. they did not want to be there with all of the western leaders in support of western values. >> do you think that they did not show up because they did not like the message?
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he said it is on you. radical islam is because of what you have been preaching. your threat is to our western values. >> he is taking it in enormous political risk. people will say, where were you, mr. president? >> it is not just that. the fbi. the nypd. they have all come out and said expect it. we cannot guarantee the security
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of the president or we do not want to distract from the message. stuart: they will have a conference and all of next month. they will invite people to talk about how to combat violent terrorism. the kind of people that will come to this anti-terror conference. america is treating this as a crime. not as an act of war. >> anything president bush said they do not see that it is an
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ideology. >> a financial angle to this. if we are not making the declaration that we should we should make the statements that should be committed financial, we should be spending money. terror is somewhat a factor in today's selloff. >> i keep saying this. >> you have a president of the united states that is not a threat. >> we saw the market fall on
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friday. there was a strong correlation. >> you do not know what is going to happen. 65% of people in a poll. islamic terror is coming here. >> you have the f ei talking about it. we know that it is coming. we just do not know where when, who. that is the uncertainty. >> that is when the market will take a hit. >> kt mcfarland, everyone. streaming television. clearly, we are changing the way we watch tv. kevin spacey one best actor.
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200 words for amazons original series. one for best tv comedy series. cheryl cosell is here. this is a real shift. this is a different television edn. >> netflix and amazon prime are changing the game. it was perfect. this is the first time we have seen amazon come to the table in a big way. all of this is changing. they were not shut out.
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showtime had a big win. these shows are cheaper to produce. they are streaming. this is what viewers want. >> i discovered streaming. >> i am a hinge watcher. >> i am a hinge watcher as well. the minute that that tape, the netflix service, they jump on it and they pinch all day long. stuart: i am told that appointment tv is dead. >> you are welcome anytime you'd like. very strong words from the pope. this from an interview published.
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come on in, steve moore from washington. it seems to me that the pope is taking aim at capitalism. much more regulation of financial markets. >> this is not the first time, stuart that pope francis has spoken out against capitalism. he has used a lot of the rhetoric of the left. not just of the united states. by the way, in addition to that, you may have noticed about a week or two ago he made a very strong statement about global warming. about alignment change. as a catholic, i would say that this troubles me a lot.
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the vatican has been infiltrated by a very left wing ideology. one of the great, kind of heroes of the 20th century in terms of attacking big government. stuart: who is making the big case that it is capitalism that brings them out of poverty? >> you are. there is no question about it. look, i have never met this pope. i cannot get into his head. he is from argentina. what destroyed the argentina and economy is capitalism. he kind of accepted the doctrine as completely wrong. what they need is more capitalism, not less.
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>> it seems that the left is coalescing around income inequality. >> that is right. the holy father fits very clearly and to that coalition of groups which says capitalism is the problem. i find that troubling on the world stage. this is a group that has political power. >> a couple billion catholics around the world. now, look, pope francis should be a savior of souls. he is not a great economist. this is very troubling. every year we do something called the economic index. the evidence is crystal clear. by the way the poor do better in those countries than they do in countries with more socialistic systems.
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if you want to help poor people, you give them more opportunities. more jobs. this is, either way i think it is interesting that pope john paul ii, as you can tell, i am a huge fan of him he grew up under communism. he understood how destructive it is. stuart: the three of them together feedback communism. >> you know what stuart, there is no leadership in the world today like that. stuart: steve, regrettably, out of time. you shocked me there. [laughter]
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>> you deserved it. >> you have to do. >> elizabeth warren. voice of the far left. tax the rich. we will deal with it. first, varney explained football. did you see this yesterday? sending them up for a possible winning touchdown. the referees reversed the call because they said he did not hold onto the ball as he felt to the ground. they have to control the ball the entire time. what do you think? he was nearly speechless after the game. >> i've never seen anything like that in my life.
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being a modest selloff. largely because of the price of oil. bristol-myers cancer drug. it hit a new high of exceed four earlier. great stuff. disappointing holiday sales at tiffany. investors do not like that. down $12. massachusetts, elizabeth warren. outspoken critic of the wealthy. 541 congressmen. the value of her home is a $.75 million. clearly, she is in the top 1%.
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do you have any idea how she accumulated net worth. >> harvard professor. her more. she invested in real estate wealth. she has done well over the years. >> that is interesting. she has so much money. they relate did not give a lot of coverage.
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born into a family. never had to much money. struggled to get along. stuart: maybe run for the presidency and have a lot of money in your pocket. is that okay? >> there is only one candidate that really matters. the truth is virtually everybody. one of the 1% errors to begin with.
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we are hosting. educators, mental health. >> this was very striking news. we will have a big summit on violent extremism. they just do not use it. they will have lots of social service providers. they will come and discuss the war on terror. stuart: the brand-new aluminum / 150. in one truck of the year. jeff flock is with mark fields.
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>> we had mark fields. stuart has a question.ow how well the f150 how well is this selling? >> it is flying off dealer lots. literally, five days. our best selling vehicle. >> our truck plant is building. kansas city will be building. it is a big powerful for us to have. >> it supplies 90% of ford's profit. >> it is a very important product line.
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>> here is the other cool thing. walk me over here. what year was that? 2003? >> the supercar, it is our next generation supercar. all the things we have done around ego boost. >> number one. this is bill. i have been number four. >> super truck essentially.
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>> our most capable off-road truck. it appeals to the off-road in his ears. we have our best year. >> mark fields clearly knew when he unveiled all of these performance yokels. i think he kind of had a heads up on that. hello gas may affect what kind of vehicles that they fight. stuart: i do not know if we will get an actual number for the mac they released the number.
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>> 74,000 f wanted to use in december. >> okay. i have a hard break. i am very sorry. back in a second. ♪
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stuart: well, will you look at this?
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the national average for a price of a gallon of regular $2.13, that is down from this time last year. unbelievable. so what do you do when the price of gas goes down like this? you tax it some more, of course. even some republicans want to raise the gas tax. look who's here, melissa francis. big focus on her show today is the gas tax thing. now, i want to know if they want more money for the highway trust fund -- >> right. stuart: -- what have they done with the money they already get? >> that's exactly what we asked, what the hell have you done with the money we gave you? [laughter] they see this $14 billion that people have saved with lower gas prices, and they're licking their chops to get their hands on it. i've got to tell you, they're wasting the money they're already getting. they say they need more money to fix bridges but they're not using our current dollars to fix those. we dug into the accounting and found through government numbers right now they're spending five billion on mass transit, almost a billion on pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths.
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$16 million to establish transportation museums. we found this in kentucky, this just happened in december, they established the mike hayden transportation museum with almost a million dollars of your gas tax money. the museum will highlight and educate the public about the history of transportation in the region. it will feature varying modes of transportation including railways. this is what they're doing with your gas tax money! and they want to tax you more. so when they get out there with that sob story saying our bridges are crumbling, it's dangerous, your family's going to die if you don't give us more money, you need to say what are you doing with the money i'm giving you right now? and the answer is, they're wasting it. stuart: i see your point. great statistics. >> it's your data. stuart: why are republicans backing the higher gas taxes? >> every politician is guilty of looking at a pot of money and wanting it. and they see gas prices down 102 days in a row, all this money is going back into your pocket, and they want that money for himselfs, but they're wasting
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it. stuart: the way government works. you get a pot of money, a congressman says i can use a transportation museum in my district if i vote on a certain issue, that's the way it works. >> texas spends 25% of their revenue on education, new jersey pays it on spend -- spending it on paying debt. stuart: when is your showsome. >> two eastern. we're all over this. stuart: yes, you are. come back soon. >> i will. stuart: now this: a man takes out his cell phone, he starts filming a car crash scene. a police officer orders the man, give me the phone. that's evidence, he says. the man refused to hand the camera over. the result, he's arrested. judge napolitano on that next.
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stuart: well, we're down 63 points now, we were down about 140, so we have come back just a little. oil touched $45 a barrel earlier, it's recovered to $46 and change now but still down sharply on the day. we have lululemon yoga pants people. they raised their sales and their profit forecast, they reported strong holiday sales, and it's up 7%. senator john hoeven says republicans are four votes shy of passing a veto-proof bill
11:35 am
approving the building of the keystone pipeline. cheryl, four votes shy, they might be able to get those 6 7:00 they need. >> they're closer than they were last week, and when the president came out and said he would veto the legislation, of course many meetings began to be held in washington. senator hoeven was on with chris wallace yesterday, fox news sunday, talking about this very issue. they're ready for the fight, that's why he went on to talk about it yesterday. they're pretty close. they could bring it up to a vote today, i doubt they do simply because you've got to have the machinations in place behind the scenes. stuart: but it was friday, i think, when the nebraska high court removed the last legal objection to building the pipeline. that's gone. >> right. stuart: so the president doesn't have much to say his i don't want to build it. he doesn't have much going for him. >> he really doesn't. and at this point you've got 54 republicans, 9 democrats expected to support the legislation. you need a two-thirds majority to override a veto but they've
11:36 am
got to make this veto-proof. to be four votes away is actually pretty darn close. keystone, i've never seen bipartisanship like this in years, but keystone is something that everyone wants because this country and especially the southern states want to take advantage of cheap natural gas production fracking capability. and we don't even import oil from nigeria anymore? nothing, not a drop. we have changed completely energy production in this country. keystone is the next logical -- stuart: let's change it some more. >> president obama he's under pressure especially, i think today. stuart: cheryl, thank you. now a man who's been jailed for a year after an anti-islam speech caused an emergency alarm on a toronto subway train. it was, essentially, a social experiment the man said that went wrong. all rise, andrew napolitano is here. now, that's -- they've got hate speech laws in canada they've got hate speech laws in europe. i suspect that there is no
11:37 am
freedom of speech if you're talking about islam in canada or europe. >> well, there's not. i'm not that familiar with canada, but i am familiar with europe, and hate speech is a crime in europe in almost all of europe. i don't think it is in the mother country but it certainly is in continental europe particularly if france. stuart: yes. >> in fact, there are five people in jail as we speak for wearing buttons saying in french "i am" and the last name of the murderers. that's considered hate speech. hatred of the french state -- stuart: they're in jail? >> yes. and they were arrested for that. so it's kind of ironic that we would see this grand march with world leaders arm in arm for freedom of speech when the country in which it is happening is suppressing free speech. stuart: you can't have an imposition on free speech in the united states. we have a constitution.
11:38 am
>> we have a supreme court opinion interpreting the constitution on hate speech, and it's a 1969 opinion, but it's been cited hundreds of times since then and hasn't been tampered with saying hate speech is protected in this country. again, we're not talking about fighting words where somebody threatens a fight. we're talking about someone who utters hateful statements about a human being or a class to which the human being belongs by virtue of age or gender or race. stuart: but you can lose your job if you say certain politically incorrect things in the workplace. >> you can if you are an at-will employee, and the employer could show that because of your hatred, it could disparage the product that the employee sells. or in the case of people like you and me, our contract says our bosses can fire us if our words speak poorly of fox. stuart: okay. i've got to get to this subject, and it's right up -- >> because it's new jersey. stuart: yeah, that's right.
11:39 am
a man in new jersey arrested after he refused to hand over his cell phone to a police officer. the officer claimed the man's cell phone had some evidence from a car accident on it. he was arrested. what's with this? >> well, this is outrageous and i'm sorry that it happened in our home state. and the prosecutor has said he's not going to prosecute and the phone, in fact, has been returned. but the supreme court again in a unanimous decision very veryjust two years old, has been crystal clear. you can photograph away all you want the police in public as long as you're not interfering with their work. so if you're standing a few feet or a few yards away, you can photograph, and the police cannot get that camera from you without a warrant. stuart: okay that's the camera. >> right. stuart: could they demand the pictures? >> absolutely not. well, they could with a warrant. stuart: but if you've got evidence in your camera that's germane to a crime or a situation -- >> meaning if you have better evidence than the police do? stuart: right. >> the police would need a warrant from a judge in order to get that information from you. this is a crazy case.
11:40 am
this is a one-car automobile accident in which the driver was himself a detective. and one of his buddies was investigating the accident -- stuart: ah. >> -- and he didn't want his friend to be embarrassed with the pictures, and the person taking the pictures was a freelance photographer who works for a variety of newspapers in southern new jersey, and they dispatch him to automobile accidents. [laughter] stuart: so the cops had a vested interest in grabbing the camera. >> yes. stuart: i should have caught that right up front. judge, thank you very much indeed, as always. >> pleasure. stuart: a unity march in paris, world leaders demonstrating solidarity against radical islam on terror. the obama administration? absent. we discuss it after. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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♪ ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. right now the dow jones industrial average sitting at 17,682. had been down about 165 points, so an improvement from earlier today, but energy has been severely weak and weighing on the major averages. the s&p down 11 and the nasdaq down 30. here are some of the names hitting energy lows today including newfield transocean schlumberger and peabody, see some of these names are down 2 3, 4%. looking at some of the retail movers today, lululemon express and tiffany. tiffany, weak sales numbers for november and december, that's down 12% but lululemon and express looking good and looking
11:43 am
for raising their outlook, 8% to the upside for lulu. and this is for hepatitis b virus treatment stock is up 43 43%. more "varney & company" coming up.
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more on that later. more details surfacing about the deadly hostage situation at the paris kosher deli last week. the four victims killed were all jewish putting the the jewish population of paris on high alert. french president hollande has said this was an anti-semitic attack. he said it, it was but jewish people are still fleeing france i believe. >> you kidding? -- are you kidding? is last year 7000jews moved from france to israel that's more than 1%. that would be the equivalent of 60,000 american jews emigrating to israel, and the reason is anti-semitic attacks in france have become so common place, people are afraid to wear a yamaka, they don't want to be
11:46 am
identified as jews. we've seen pogrom against a paris synagogue in the middle of the war, marches of 30, 40,000 people in the streets of paris saying the jews should go back to hitler's offenses. we appreciate -- ovens. we appreciate that the french government finally posted troops, but what does it say that 10,000 soldiers need to be deployed to protect jews? this is a country that 70 years ago deported one-fifth of its jewish pop haitian to the ovenses -- population to the ovens of auschwitz. stuart: do you believe france is anti-semitic regardless of its population? >> well, i'm not going to get into the heart of or the psychology of the french people. i can only look at action, not what's motivating those actions. france has become a country where jews are not safe they do not feel safe, and they're leaving as a result. france wants to have its cake and eat it too it wants to
11:47 am
condemn israel at the united nations. two weeks ago it voted for israel to withdraw from judeo ya and summer ya, the west bank, that would leave gaza east for rockets to be fired directly into jerusalem. they want to hate israel but say they love their jews. israel is the jewish state. when you invite the president of the palestinian authority mahmoud abbas, to an anti-terror rally, that's like inviting kim jong un to the golden globes. abbas is one of the biggest funders of international terrorism alive. stuart: the see a man walking around with a very large sign, and, i mean, it's visible to everybody who's within 100 yards of the guy, it's wildly antisemitic, and he stands there day in day out at various locations all across new york
11:48 am
city. this is an anti-semite writ large. what do you make of the state of anti-semitism in the united states? nothing like france, i hope. >> well, certainly the person you're speaking about, i think, usually hangs out at nyu. look at the campuses across the united states where we see actions against israel being passed by student unions against israel in favor of hamas and the palestinian authority against the only democracy in the middle east? campuses are becoming very hostile to israel, jewish students are feeling very intimidated. students are running amok at these campuses without serious opposition. we watched an israeli ambassador at uc irvine shouted down to the point where he could not speak and had to leave. this has all happened in the united states. now, america supports israel loves israel but not on campus and if that's the younger generation, what happens as these people grow older? we have on to be vigilant about anti-semitism everywhere. as soon as i heard that charlie
11:49 am
hebdo had been attacked i said to myself hey, they didn't attack the jews this time, and sure enough, two days later they did. you cannot separate between two. stuart: you know that netanyahu francois hollande said hey don't come but netanyahu insisted that he go, and he did go. then he was informed, i believe, that abbas would be on that front line as well. there you see him exchanging greetings with francois hold land. >> don't you think it's very sad, stuart, that it takes four jews murdered before the sabbath in paris for the israeli prime minister to get an invitation to march in an anti-terrorism rally? it is on the front lines, it is canary in the coal mine. it takes four jews sprayed with bullets for the israeli prime minister to feel comfortable in france. the fact that they felt they had to balance it by bringing mahmoud abbas he paid for,
11:50 am
financed the 1972 massacre of the israeli athletes in munich which was the first great incident of modern terrorism. the fact that he was there is scandalous, and it's unbelievable. and there should be a powerful international objection. stuart: rabbi thanks very much for joining us, sir. come again soon. >> thank you stuart. stuart: elon musk's spacex experimental rocket delivering supplies to the international space station is being hailed as a wild success even though a part of the rocket ended up crashing. was it a failure or was it a wild success? full story's next.
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♪ ♪ stuart: all right. elon musk's spacex successfully launching their fall congress 9 -- falcon 9 rocket but it didn't quite stick the landing. the rocket, designed to be reusable, touched down to earth gently. that did not happen. a problem with its hydraulic system sent it crashing into the ocean. look who's here, the managing editor of, he joins us. now, we'll get to whether it was a success or a failure later, but what was unique about this rocket that it was supposed to deliver tourists for space travel? >> basically, it was doing two things, it was launching some supplies for nasa. that went off completely without
11:55 am
a hitch. and then the whole kind of extra side of it was this reusable test. they were trying to land the rocket -- of after it's done its job, got the spacecraft in space -- it's supposed to come back by itself, find a landing point out in the atlantic ocean and, hopefully touch down gently. stuart: okay hold on a second. the rocket takes off. it's got the supplies strapped to it in a vehicle. >> uh-huh. stuart: up it goes, reaches space, the vehicle goes off and delivers the stuff to the space station. the rocket comes back to land on a barge in the atlantic. >> exactly. stuart: that's the revolutionary part. >> exactly. stuart: okay, it fell off the barge, but is it still a success? >> you know, it is, because up until now rockets have pretty much been throwaway vehicles with the exception of the space shuttle, and the goal is to make not just this one part of the rocket, but eventually the entire rocket -- stuart: a plane that goes up and back down again. >> yeah. make the whole thing reusable to
11:56 am
dramatically lower the cost. stuart: it would, wouldn't it? >> yeah, exactly. you could just gather them up again and launch them, hopefully, the same week. stuart: this is private enterprise doing the space business, but they've taken a few hits recently. branson had a problem with his spacecraft that was supposed to take tourists up there this problem with spacex. is everything okay with private enterprise space? >> i think there have been some big hurdles, really tragic ones with the virgin galactic crash last year, also a separate company, the rocket blew up almost that same week that was launching cargo for nasa many of the supplies on this mission that just launched were replacements, so spacex was launching them for that company. so they're, you know, it's hard to get right. and when it goes wrong, it goes wrong -- stuart: is spacex still a plus? is it a good company? >> oh -- stuart: good technology? >> i think they have proven since 2010 that they've been launching for nasa, they've hit the mark again and again and
11:57 am
again. they have commercial partners, private satellites, they've been launching those fine -- >> it seems to me what you're saying is spacex is the better bet because richard branson so focused on space tourism, and after the crash it seems like he's got to beg off, you know loss of life v. us technology i think investors are going to pick technology. stuart: all right. tareq says it's a success. come back next month. attorney general eric holder will not commit we're at -- admit we're at war with islamic colonel oliver north going to weigh in on that at noon. and all signs point to mitt romney running again in '16, so can he win this time? hour two is two minutes away. you just got a big bump in miles. so this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. sound good? great. because you're not you you're a whole airline... and it's not a ticket you're upgrading it's your entire operations,
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12:00 pm
massive anti-terror rally that brought out more people than any other demonstration in french history. this tells us a lot about the administration's approach to islamic terror. in this white house, terror is a crime, not an act of war. it is to be fought with lawyers courts and rules of evidence, not targeted surveillance and firepower. look at who's invited to america's terror conference next month. just look who's coming to this conference that we're hosting. social service providers educators, religious leaders and mental health professionals. does the administration believe that if we try to understand them the islamists will end their butchery? what do you think will work? should we kill them or be nice to them? what will work? meanwhile, look at this from paris yesterday. israel linking arms with the palestinians. the french and the germans, the president of mali was there. where were we? ♪ ♪
12:01 pm
stuart: ah, we will get to the terror story momentarily, but first, the dow is down 73 points, the price of oil is sharply lower, and that's hurting oil stocks which in turn are hurting the dow industrials. oil, by the way at $46.54 touched $45 earlier. that will be a six-year low. that, of course, is dragging down the big energy names and you know all of them, exxon chevron, bp, shell, conoco all of them moving down again. let's get the gas prices, because that's the good news side of this coin. the average for regular is now $2.13, down a penny overnight and, believe it or not, it's $1.18 per gallon cheaper than this time last year. let's stay on oil and bring in mr. von dorp from san diego. he knows a thing or two about
12:02 pm
oil. we touched 46 right now 45 earlier. a lot of people were saying that $46 a barrel was the low, but you don't think so. you think it's going lower still, correct? >> absolutely. i think the saudis are looking to push the price even down further, you know, for a number of reasons. but when you have the saudi prince come out and say that $100 a barrel oil is never going to happen again, that's a clear indication that they want one only thing and that's a lower price. stuart: now, they've done a lot of damage to various oil produce ors, the iranians and the russians in particular, by moving oil down to $46 a barrel. why do you think they want to move it even further lower? really to cream them totally? >> well, i i think it's a number of reasons. i was on the show last week discussing the fact that the cartel opec, is quite dysfunctional and, basically, the saudis are trying to make them get in line to meet their quotas. but i also think they're trying
12:03 pm
to disrupt u.s. production. at these levels very few u.s. shale players will actually be able to make any money. the bulk of production, about four out of five wells goes to maintaining current production levels. the fifth well goes to actually increase production. at $50 below barrel oil we're going to see the fifth and the fourth and the third wells not drilled, and instead these companies are going to go down and pay down their debt levels instead of drilling new el withs. stuart: so to sum it up, you see oil going lower still maybe breaking below $40 a barrel, and number two the saudis not gonna let it go back up again anytime soon. >> that's correct. they have $750 billion in foreign currency reserves which can last them 30 months of a lower oil price so, yeah, they have time. stuart: t do you think it'll go to 35? i'm just looking for a number here. pick one out of the air, go ahead. [laughter] >> i wish i could give you a
12:04 pm
concrete number but i can say it will go low e and one -- lower, and once the objectives the saudis want have been met they'll look to increase production, and we'll have a new higher high. stuart: gas prices are going to come down some more. do you see the day coming when we're going to get a national average for regular below $2? it's $2.13 now, we're going below $2 national average? >> you know, i wouldn't be surprised. estimates are that it's going to save each household $1400 a year. saving the united states $140 billion. so, you know, this is actually a pretty good tax break for everybody here in the united states. it's a good thing. stuart: sure is. i gassed up this morning in new jersey, 4:00 in the morning i gassed up, cost me $22 to fill the tank. that's pretty good. >> you might want to wait a couple weeks. stuart: oh i can wait. [laughter] thank you very much, indeed. we'll see you again soon. thanks. >> thank you. always a pleasure. stuart: i do want to get back to
12:05 pm
more serious subject of the day which is the terror attack in paris. pope francis blaming what he calls deviant forms of religion but now listen to how attorney general eric holder described it on the sunday talk shows. >> i certainly think that we are at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and who would corrupt the islamic faith in the way that they do. i would say that we are at war with terrorists who commit these heinous acts and who use islam. they use a corrupted version of islam to justify their actions. stuart: all right. war stories host lieutenant colonel oliver north is with us. so welcome back to the program, a very good time for you to be with us today i've got to say. what would you do if you were the president of the united states faced with this obvious terror attack, what would you do? >> well, let me answer that this way: why didn't obama, biden, kerry or mr. holder attend the unity rally in paris?
12:06 pm
because it was for world leaders. that's why they weren't there. stuart: that's sarcasm, ollie, and you know it. [laughter] >> no, but that's accurate, because they don't want to lead in this fight against radical islam. in fact, they can't even say the word. stuart: you've got to explain to me, why not? here was the golden opportunity for a senior american official to go over to paris, get right out in front of the issue stand up for free speech -- >> stewart the reality, the reality of it is -- stuart the reality of it is they see this as a criminal activity. they have ignored the reality that radical islam declared war against us in 1993 and they categorically deny that we need to face it as it is. now, the reality of the world is, it was said over 2,000 years ago, if you do not know your enemy, you cannot defeat your enemy. and if you look at what's happening now, we had martin dempsey, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, on this network or our sister network this weekend.
12:07 pm
and he described what we do. we need to partner better. we need to do better at intelligence. and, of course we need to have the kinds of things out on the street like special operations. think about this, we have no intelligence because we don't do human intelligence anymore. instead, we kill suspected terrorists with strikes from hellfire missiles. partners who's our best partner in the region? israel. who's our second best? al sissy in egypt, and yet this administration threatens both of them. and the idea of direction action, we won't even put special operations forces boots on the ground with the iraqis to direct airstrikes. so when you hear this kind of stuff coming from leaders who say here's what we've got to do but we don't do it here's the enemy but we can't call him that, you've got to wonder if we've got a chance to win an attack like they just had in paris in this country. stuart: as a military guy -- and that's what you are, you're a military guy -- you understand power and force, do you think
12:08 pm
that we're highly vulnerable to an attack in the united states again? >> certainly. dianne feinstein who's leaving the senate and has been on the intelligence committee for years, says we've got sleeper cells here in the united states. we've had sleeper cells in the united states stuart. without whining or complaining my family was targeted by a sleeper cell in 1986. and from 1986 to 1987, they moved us out of our house because the fbi at the time was at the top of their game, and they knew about the sleeper cell in mclean, virginia they watched them as they went and got the weapons out of the storehouse, and they got our family out, moved us to camp lejeune and finally brought us back home to live with 37 federal agents who by the way, drink a lot of coffee. stuart: i don't think a lot of people know that, ollie -- >> well, we didn't advertise. stuart: news to me. i didn't know this. but all those years ago, close to 30 years ago you were targeted, and you had to move your family out? we didn't know that. >> it wasn't just me, it was my
12:09 pm
entire family. stuart: did they get the guys? >> well actually, they were apprehended by the fbi, they were brought before a federal magistrate in the middle of the night along with all the weapons, and the u.s. attorney at the time is now a federal judge. and he told the judge, here's the federal weapons charge and the maximum we can hold these guys on is about $500,000 apiece roughly $3 million for the six of them. and the judge said we're not going to hold a secret trial in the middle of the night, we'll do this tomorrow morning at nine, and at the time the attorney -- the u.s. attorney said they'll be gone by then. and they were. and, thus, we had the security at our family. now, we've got -- stuart: they never got those six guys? never got 'em? >> well, the sad fact is, stuart, and i -- they're all dead. stuart: okay. >> the list, they're all dead. stuart: i think i get the point, ollie. [laughter] okay, enough said. ollie, that was a revelation, and i'm glad you revealed it
12:10 pm
right here. i don't think many people knew what had happened there. >> we don't whine and brag about things like that but the fact is, stuart, we're not doing the things that we did so well back in the '80s. we missed a lot, there's no doubt. but we're not doing it well enough. you're in new york city. ray kelly created in new york city a remarkable intelligence operation that's now been abandoned in political correctness by de blasio and bratton. it was all done to keep tabs on jihadis like the ones that tried to kill my wife and kids. stuart: extraordinary. well, we're glad you're the the still with us ollie, and we're glad you're on the show. [laughter] >> thank you stuart. stuart: see you soon. look at the share price of best buy, please. now that is an example of the barron's bounce. they talk about the stock over the weekend in barron's and phil roosevelt writes the story and often you get -- in fact every time you get a barron's bounce. what did you say about best buy today? >> we said best buy is a good
12:11 pm
short-term opportunity. we have real concerns about the chain for the long term but the short term we think they're getting a very nice boost from the new super high definition tvs, the 4k tvs where you can see everything in sharp detail. everything about you. stuart: i know. it's a real problem, let me tell you. [laughter] i've seen that. you think that's going to take off. is it called 4k? >> right exactly. stuart: ask you think that's going to take off? >> i think it is. it's a measurable improvement over current resolution. and the prices are reaching the price point where people buy tvs, about a third of the 4k tvs are now under $2,000 which is a key sort of psychological level. stuart: but it's only a short-term boost for best buy. >> long term they have problems with and everything else. stuart: what did you say was a target price for the stock? how high do you think -- >> it could go up 20% this year. i don't know how much after that. stuart: 20% this year. >> right.
12:12 pm
stuart: a lot of people would take that. [laughter] a lot of people did this morning. phil roosevelt as always, thanks very much for coming in with the barron's bounce. >> thank you. stuart: here's what's coming up for you in the rest of this hour. turns out charlie gasparino was right, looks like mitt romney will make another run for president. eyes focused on '16. gasparino takes his victory lap about 12:15 right here. also this hour, the price of oil almost a six-year low, so when will airfares come down? we'll have that story at 12:45 today. speaking of air travel how's this for a number: $31 million, that's how much health and human services spent on first class tickets since 2009 and, yes, all funded by you you generous people you taxpayers.
12:13 pm
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stuart: well, listen to this. a new report from the washington examiner finds that the department of health and human services, their executives blew $31 million of taxpayer money on
12:16 pm
more than 7,000 first class flights. that was between 2009 and 2013. liz macdonald is here. well, i don't know how you feel about flying first class at the taxpayer expense but i want to know where did they fly to? >> people are really mad about this; paris, hong kong australia, vietnam. in fact, kathleen sebelius spent about $56,000 of taxpayer money on 14 trips where she did go to paris, vietnam and india. stuart: wait a second, she is -- was -- the head of health and human services. she was in charge of obamacare. i personally, i do not begrudge a senior public official flying first class. >> okay. so what are the health issues for americans in those countries? i mean hhs is focused on the united states. the question then, people are really mad about this, they're saying why did kathleen sebelius need to fly to those countries, for what taxpayer reason? what about skype? couldn't these individuals use skype? a lot of these are for seminars
12:17 pm
and conferences, you can connect via teleconferencing -- stuart: how do you feel about it? are you angry? >> i think, yeah it seems like there might be a waste, it looks like a waste of taxpayer money -- stuart: if she were a republican, if she were a republican, would you object? >> absolutely. listen, i am for what is fair, personally, and having covered the irs and taxes for so long, i want to see a real probe into this. and by the way, you know, there are upgrades too. they claim medical disability to spend more taxpayer money to get into first class. one guy flew from north carolina to south carolina when it was a few hours' trip spent two grand on that. l so clearly there's real problems here uncovered by the washington examiner based on foia documents. so i think it's worthy of a probe here. stuart: worthy of a probe. >> well, yeah. i mean there's a lot of waste spent on airplane tickets by the federal government, and so it's a boondoggle for some of these guys. stuart: okay.
12:18 pm
you made your point. [laughter] out on the table liz. check the price of oil, how about this? we were at $45 earlier, we struggled back to $46.34 but that's still down another 4%. always, of course good news for drivers because it's driving the price of gas down. national average is $2.13. here's the important news for most people: 18 states are now members of the $1 club. that means in those 18 states on that map the average price for a gallon of regular within those states is less than $2. don't get too excited however. democrats and even some republicans in the senate are pushing to increase the federal gas tax which would raise the price of gas all over again. congressman marsha blackburn republican from tennessee is here. you're a republican. >> yes, i am. stuart: how do you feel about republicans in the senate saying, oh, raise the gas tax? >> you know, this is -- isn't that what happens people say raise the tax, it's a quick fix.
12:19 pm
that's the wrong step to take. what you need to do is get in here, let the price of gas come down, for goodness sakes, not put a gas tax on but look at structure of the highway trust fund and deal with that. get to the root cause of the problems and stop this business of saying well let's just add another tax. taxes never go away. stuart: well, they say they want more money for the highway trust fund. our own melissa francis who's going to do a special on this, she says, look, they've been spending the highway trust fund money on medicaid in kansas -- >> that's right. stuart: a bike path, on transportation museums. >> about 30% of that highway trust fund ends up going into all of these enhancements, as they're called. whether it's bike paths or jogging paths or passive parks or whatever. and it is time for the highway trust fund to be utilized for exactly what it is to be utilized for, which is the highways. stuart: yeah but you know what
12:20 pm
happens. a congressman says, you know, it would be nice if we were to have a transportation museum in my congressional district. or. [laughter] give me the money. >> it's time for that to stop. stuart: but it never does stop duds it? >> well but there are some of us that are committed to making this stop. last week i filed again my one % across the board cut bills so that we can begin to get in there and make some of these rescissions. you've got to do it. stuart: okay. now, the president, he went to your state, he went to tennessee -- >> yes he did. stuart: -- to announce two years' free community college. in fact you've already got a system in your own state of really heavily subsidizing -- >> correct. stuart: -- community college and it doesn't cost the taxpayers a dime. >> no. it comes out of lottery funds. and the president is trying to take that premise and federalize it just like he has tried to federalize student loans and federalize health care and federalize the banking industry. and people do not want that.
12:21 pm
there is no such thing as free health care or free education. somebody is paid. and, you know one of the first comments i had from a constituent is look, this isn't free college. i'm still paying off my student loans, and now they're saying, hey, we want you to help pay for this. people are not happy about this at all. stuart: it's not free. >> no, or it's not free. no. stuart: but that kind of change and the gas tax hike they'd have to go through the house, and i think you're here today to tell us neither of them -- >> it's n happen. stuart: but they do have to go through the house. >> yes. it would have to go through the house. stuart: and you're not going to let it happen. >> no. president obama wants to go out here and talk about free college so that he doesn't have to talk about what is happening with immigration, with the terrorist issues, with isis with paris. and you can't change the conversation this that manner. the american people are focused on those issues, they are offended that he wants to establish more programs that are going to be government
12:22 pm
giveaways. there is no such thing as free. we are $18 trillion in debt and people have about had it. so have i. stuart: well, he's buying the youth vote or trying to. congressman -- that's how you like to be referred. [laughter] >> >> orr marsha. [laughter] stuart: up next charlie gasparino. he said it all the way back in june of last year, mitt romney looking at another presidential run. he takes his -- charlie will take his victory lap in a moment. ♪ ♪
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stuart: mitt romney telling that he is considering another run. >> major bundles for that robbed me. you are the man. lately. they think he is the man.
12:27 pm
he is not 100% committed. he is moving in that direction. >> i looked a lot younger then. stuart: is he running? yes or no? >> i do not take that he will run. karl rove, who will he give money to? he is part of it. stuart: close to push, not as close to romney.
12:28 pm
>> i was not going there. stuart: do you think you will dictate which candidate will be the candidate? >> mitt romney is out there today taking foster donors. he is feeling them out. in that context, he will find out that any of them have committed these. in the end, he will walk away. by the way the wonderful help that he gave president obama during the 2012 election which a
12:29 pm
lot of people think health president obama. let's just say that i am wrong. jeff does run against romney. that is where something interesting happens. a lot of our airtime is with big names. it will not go as far as ted cruz. governor of ohio. a blue state or a purple state. such. >> brought it into balance. >> i was in a political discussion a few weeks back.
12:30 pm
how about john k 6. a lot of hands went up. there is a degree if you do not know him enough. there are some key issues like immigration. a lot of people say oh, hillary and push. stuart: we have summer marks. from one of the fed presidents taking place right now. >> dennis lockhart repeats that he expects the fed to start raising short-term interest
12:31 pm
rates sometime this year. if the early months of this year bring mixed news on the economy the risk manager in me will lean towards this. >> a long, long time. he is contradict in that point of view. it is still down 50 points. i will see how this plays out. it is beginning to fall in little bit.
12:32 pm
let's see if this works out for the rest of the day. radical islam sleeper cells are already here. just waiting to be activated. do we have the tools to fight it? >> we know it is coming. we just don't know when, where who. you show up. you stay up. you listen. you laugh.
12:33 pm
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stuart: first of all take a look at the stock price of may donald's. before we go into it, look at the ad. ♪ stuart: that young angelic voices in harmony. i love it.
12:37 pm
>> mcdonald's has had its weakest u.s. sales in a decade. smart move. showing local communities using the roadside sign to express whatever they are interested in. we will be back soon. you can see a mcdonald's store in a flood. they can be funny. yes. people are attacking mcdonald's. opening itself up to a minimum wage fight here. overall, i think it was positive. stuart: i like that kind of
12:38 pm
music. >> you still sing like a hinge. sorry about that. we won't see you in a commercial anytime soon. stuart: diane feinstein warning that terror sleeper cells are already here. >> i am usually not that angry of a guy. stuart: all right. this is a completely new kind of war. >> let me correct you.
12:39 pm
when it comes to a new kind of warfare, this is actually the oldest kind of warfare known to man. it is just new to our country. we used it when we won the independence. now we have to look at modern day warfare. let's start at the top. that is where the problem starts and then trickles down. they are the ones who set the boundaries for how far they can go. stuart: that is a pretty harsh statement. that is a personal example that
12:40 pm
do not understand what is happening. it was not just some information. she destroyed the morale. they have to realize they are the pinnacle. whatever they do, trickles down. stuart: are you comfortable with the intelligence tools that we have? can the job be done now? >> they cannot even do the job fully. you may have somebody in the chain of command that is following these incompetent leaders. stuart: still in the field. with you be a little worried about employing rough pack
12:41 pm
ricks? >> there is street crime and the joint terrorism task forces that deals with stuff like this. they have to reach out. unfortunate circumstances. they have it eliminated our ability to go into these areas. stuart: that is a change you want. >> that is a major change that we need. >> i think that the president is taking risk. i think it is a political risk for the president.
12:42 pm
stuart: jonathan, former navy seal and fbi. thank you. when will airfares come down? we will deal with that in a minute. ♪
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
stuart: let's go with your business brief. right now we are down 4% on oil. earlier today, we touched a friend knew, six year low. maybe 46-45 was a low. the dow is down a little bit. in part because the oil stocks are falling out. look, please, at lulu lemon. i will call them the yoga pants people. up goes the stock. a percent on lulu lemon's yoga pants. back with more bargaining in a moment. ♪
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
stuart: it was a big win last night or the golden globes with amazon and netflix. >> amazon i new best friend. stuart: their independent production.
12:47 pm
come on in keith fitzgerald, from portland, were. >> i think amazon, i would not touch with a 10-foot pole. i would not start there. i would not even go with netflix except for on a short term basis. companies like this. >> you have to explain this to me. you do not particularly like the stock price. these are streaming companies. explain to me how storage in the cloud is a way to make money.
12:48 pm
>> if you think about how that streaming has to get to you it has to go up into the cloud. that information has to be stored and then delivered to whatever device you are using. it may be overpriced. the space to look for is those content delivery companies. stuart: streaming increases. you have to go to the guys that are feeding that stuff right at you. stuart: all right. we will check them out. we will see you again soon. gas for your car. the price of jet fuel is down.
12:49 pm
does that mean you will be paying less to fly? [laughter] maybe you should dream on. the founder. are we going to see airfares come down? >> yes. currently, jeff -- the implication is that airlines will save about 22 billion in fuel costs. that suggests about a 16% reduction in the price of tickets. >> you are making the case that this should happen. my question is, will it happen? >> airlines by fuel months ago.
12:50 pm
they are still paying a higher price. labor costs are going up. the bottom line is, we are estimating average fares will go down between $7 maybe $14. >> that will not be popular. >> about one third of their cost structure. if we do not get a significant reduction. the mac think about that. the actual fuel cost are 29%.
12:51 pm
we are saying that it will go back up next year. jet fuel will go 25% next year. i suggest that operating costs are down only 7%. airlines will keep 75% of that cost it. the consumer, about 82-4% savings. stuart: believe me, i do not believe that for one second. we have to settle for a price. >> that is the law of economics stuart. stuart: okay.
12:52 pm
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stuart: look at who is here. the latest issue hits the news
12:56 pm
stands tomorrow. the top 25 cigars of 2014. the number one is from nicaragua . >> it is made in nicaragua. beautiful cigar. stuart: it is not the best selling. just what you consider the best taste and quality. >> right. all we know as a taster is one two, three four. we do not know the place. we do not know where it is from. we have a list somewhere. maybe you can put that on the screen. i want to focus on your before. that is a cuban.
12:57 pm
>> it has been around for 22 years. we have rated cigars around the world for a long time. this year, the cigar from nicaragua came out on top. the news of the day, you know, the crack in the embargo was just that, a crack. is it true that if you smoke a cigar, you do not inhale. you get the tobacco through your lips and all the rest of it. >> it is all about the taste. it is not about inhaling. it is very different than a cigarette. stuart: the time is up. i am seven seconds over already.
12:58 pm
come back and see us soon when you have some good cubans for us. more varney after this. ♪
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
stuart: my time is up, but here is deirdre bolton. deirdre: we will hear about the increasing cost of protecting your information. elon musk. the latest space excavation. new media versus old. new scoring big points. amazon and netflix crash the golden globes party. the president made comments earlier. this comes after the recent hack attack against sony. the largest in u.s. corporate history. peter barnes with me now. what did


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